Tabibu Cures International is a christian based herbal clinic. We  have a great stuff of health care givers that offer treatment and advise for disease and health related issues.
We provide, certified world class alternative medical services and supplements, for therapy and cures aliments and chronic diseases such as:
Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Respiratory problems, Male and Female Fertility Health Problems
we currently only have one clinic situated in Purvi House Westlands Nairobi.  You can order some of our supplements and download our books online, simply browse our products and click to order. Please feel free to browse our site and leave a comment or send us an email to consult@tabibu.org.


46 comments on “About
  1. florence says:

    how long does it take to cure diabetese?

  2. Samuel says:

    hello. how much do u charge for treating male fertility problems, I mean from the initial testing to… end

  3. festus ngowa says:

    my wife has a grothe at her left leg at the knee 4 over 20 years now.i have done all a can but sijafaulu.what’s ur advise prof.?am from diani ukunda.

  4. edina says:

    i need some information on post ovarian cyst operation.how long does it take to heal?are there any dangers involved after operation?i dont see myself ovulating after an ovarian cyst operation what could be the problem?how much do you charge?
    am in kisii,do you ever make rounds to kisii so that we meet and talk.iam always moved by your teachings.reply please

  5. joy says:


  6. Nicolas says:

    My daughter has pebbles which develop puss

  7. daniel says:

    My uncle’s hands shake a are weak he had mild stroke n he seems to be getting worse any advise?

  8. patience chebet says:

    congrats prof. for ur good work thats a talent from God pliz use it to assist ur brothers and sisters who are suffering. i saw ur programme on sunday

  9. patience chebet says:

    congrats i saw ur programme on sunday. how long does it take to cure arthritis i have a friend who is suffering with that disease and how long does it take to cure and how much does it cost.

  10. LISAPAM says:

    How much does the HIV treatment cost. and is it OK for someone to just come and learn and how much would it cost them?

  11. Moses Mwanjala says:

    Do you have a cure for hypertension.

  12. Jairo says:

    Hi Tabibu, do you treat kidney failures fully. And wat can be the cost.? If u have one failed kidney how can u protect the other one from failing?

  13. Steven says:

    My mum got stroke left side is arm en leg advice.

  14. Mackline says:

    Do you cure sinuses.

  15. Tobias Onyango says:

    I will visit you soon.Thank you for the good information

  16. ida says:

    do u cure piles… i have piles nd at times they are painful

  17. George says:

    I have male fertility problems that i dont rise to the occasion.What is the cost of treatment?

  18. william says:

    hi prof.
    do you treat low libido and for how long

  19. Lucy says:

    Hi,I have been married for the last 5 years and i have not been fortunate to get pregnant and i have never taken any femiplan. in the year 2010 i did an HSG and my uterus and the fallopian tubes are ok. how can u help me plz.

  20. LISAPAM says:

    How much does hiv treatment cost and does it cure completely if one already on arvs and cd4 very low.

  21. kim says:

    do you have a cure for healing or maintaining the spread of vitiligo… skin coloring

  22. Do you have a cure for varicose veins?

  23. BONFACE LWANDE says:

    My mum is ailing with athritis.Do you have acure for it ?>And if so what is the cost for the treatment.

  24. Karo says:

    I cant diffrentiate btw aids nd brucella. How cn i reach u

  25. clara says:

    Is pcos curable in your clinic if so how and how long

  26. Thaddaeus says:

    God send and blessed you. Please continue your good job.

  27. Andrew Maritim says:

    Thanks a lot for your educative programs and your products too. You do provide a big smile to many people who had lost hope in life. Be blessed a lot. Is there cure for ED in men? How much does it cost? Thanks once more.

  28. Warren Ouma says:

    Hi, i have acne. Do you have medication for that?

  29. chemonges t khali says:

    cheeeeeeeeeeers TABIBU, cheers professor i want say that iam blessed indeed my name is chemonges khali and i come from Uganda i have been listening to your program broadcasting life on NTV i want say this way we will save alot of lives.
    Thank you jesus for using this company to deliver your people.

  30. Rodney says:

    Do you have something against the benign prostatic enlargement (BPH)?

  31. Gumisiriza Ambrosw says:

    I a problem and doctors say i have a resperatory problem called GERD and i want to know whether u have that treatment

  32. paul says:

    How does one assess your products in Entebbe Uganda?

  33. Godfrey wasike says:

    cure for small swelling in the eye

  34. Patience says:

    What is the name of the diabetic capsule that starts with fg that u explained on NTV

  35. samuel says:

    my wife cannot conceive.yet she has 3 girls.we hav been together for 7yrs now.what might be the problem.the last born is 9.

  36. phillista says:

    Hi do you have cure for acid reflux, I have tried all common antacids but does not go away, how much does it cost

  37. Otwal Richard Lapa says:

    I very much want your guidance, I am in Uganda and I want to benefit from your products.
    I am diabetic and have hypertension. This has disturbed my sexual prowess and malfunctioned my sight. please let me know how to get to your help

  38. Elizabeth Babirye says:

    How are you sister died and left two children unfortunately her husband married another wife who was infected with HIV she gave birth to 3 infected children but this lady whenever she could shave the children.she could shave her children first then my sister’s now they are infected with HIV .Do you have any drugs which can cure them of HIV

  39. Ivy Adong says:

    I live in Uganda and I have fibroids, do you have a clinic in Kampala or someone I can get in touch with? That is if you can help me with my fibroids issue.

  40. NDINABO WILBER says:

    where can I find you in Kampala,Uganda.

    Otherwise thanks for your service so far.

    Please reply us quickly for we need your help.

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